Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Learn Sanskrit with Dr. Hema

Learn Sanskrit with Dr. Hema - This workshop is perfect for Yoga Teachers and Students wanting to deepen their knowledge to support their yoga and meditation practice
Email your interest to sankara1 at msn dot com.
When the class size is sufficient, we will announce the day and time the workshop will
be held.

Sanskrit is the sacred language of yoga.
It is also a spoken language. Currently 200,000 people around the world speak Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the language of the ancient scriptures of India, including its spiritual and philosophical literature. It is also the language of mantras. A mantra is "man trayate" or that which protects the mind.
This class will help you understand mantras. It will include reading of the alphabet as the structure and foundation of this ancient language, along with pronunciation and meaning of Sanskrit phrases commonly used in yoga class.

At the end of the workshop you will:
Be able to pronounce the language correctly;
Understand the significance of the alphabet to support your yoga and meditation practice;
Be able to read basic yogic scripture passages; and
Understand Sanskrit words, their philosophical meaning and tools for meditation.

The course is taught in an interactive, user-friendly way that engages students from the beginning. This workshop is ideal for Yoga Students and Yoga Teachers.

Discover the joy of the Sanskrit language and get inspired by its brilliant and practical philosophical system.
To register email sankara1 at msn dot com

About Your Teacher: Dr. Hema has a Masters degree in Sanskrit from India's Karnataka State University. Hema has been practicing and teaching yoga for her whole life. She also has a degree in yoga from India's only university in yoga, Swami Vivekananda Yoga Institute.
Hema regularly teaches Sanskrit to children from the ages of 4 and up in the Toronto area.
Hema is also part of a group of Sanskrit speakers around the world known as Samskrita Bharati.

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