Sunday, March 22, 2009

Indian Scientists Discover New Types of Bacteria


Indian Scientists Discover new types of Bacteria

Up until very recently, it was believed that Ultra Violet (UV) rays from the sun can inhibit, or even prevent, formation and continuance of life. However, a team of Indian Scientists, led by the eminent Jayant Narlikar, has discovered 3 new types of bacteria which are UV resistant. What is even more fascinating is that this experiment has shown that life exists even 40 km above Earth’s surface!

Elvis and Shammi

Everybody knows Elvis Presley. However not everybody knows that Shammi Kapoor the Indian actor from the 1950’s and 60’s had a hard time being accepted in the indian film industry and gave 17 flop films before getting a make over. He got a new hair cut and went rock and roll. After this there was no looking back for him.
It is interesting that the advent of Rock and Roll with the Elvis style and Shammi Kapoor's style came around the same time to both continents. Although Elvis was a performer first and actor second and Shammi Kapoor was an actor only. Shammi Kapoor had Mohammed Rafi's voice as playback in most of his movies. Rock and Roll was then introduced to Indian audiences. As well, many songs had tunes lifted from Western Pop Songs. They showed up unsuspectingly with changed lyrics in Hindi movies.
What does this have to do with being a better person, you ask?
Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity is what makes a better person. Be yourself. No one could do Shammi the way he did and don't even try. He always will be Shammi Kapoor. This guys movies can beat the worst depression. Guaranteed!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moser Baer Indian?

What is Moser Baer? What kind of name is this for a company based in India?
I just wondered. Perhaps there is some justification for this company making the DVD version of the Ramayan of Ramanand Sagar? I wonder.

Well, they cut out all the important scenes. They seem to be quite the scholars of Hindu purana because they chose where to cut scenes. It is the most annoying piece of dvd that you could watch. Just as Rama brings his arrow out in all force to do something....bang, it cuts to some other story....wait, wait... us Ramayan fans really, really want to know what happens to this arrow that has been showered with the strength of his tapas. It is not just an ordinary bow and arrow, Mr. Moser and Mr. Baer should know this...well, just go and buy the DVD series made by another company and save yourself hours of agony trying to find something to throw at your screen because valuable scenes have been lost......oh well.. such is the price of allowing McDonalds in to the country in the first place. But that story waits for another day, boys and girls.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Love with Sanskrit?

In love with Sanskrit
Jackie Pinto

Prof Byrski, former Polish Ambassador to India, is a Sanskrit scholar
I always had a yen for learning languages and my mother urged me to pick a language that was not so common. When the time came to choose, I scrolled down the list and zeroed in on Sanskrit because back there in Warsaw, it didn’t get more exotic and unconventional than that.

Therein began my journey and a tryst with Indian culture and tradition that I have since explored and promoted back in my country where I teach Polish students Sanskrit,” says Prof Byrski, former Polish Ambassador to India, who holds a PhD in Sanskrit studies.His conversation flows with the ease of a linguist and is liberally peppered with erudite phrases in Sanskrit or Hindi.

’’I received a scholarship to study at the Benares Hindu University and I plunged into the life and culture of my surroundings with a passion.” He has translated both the Kamasutra and the Manusmriti into Polish and is a fan of Bollywood films.

”Indian cinema is deeply rooted in ancient Sanskrit drama. Indian tastes and sensibilities haven’t really changed over the centuries. There must be a great deal of emotion and heightened melodrama, enough to make your veins burst and your hair stand on end. The old formula of boy meets girl, songs and dances, good and bad characters, all the masala must be there but it can be refined and packaged in a much more elegant fashion. There is no need to copy the Western style of movie-making but there is also no need to be crude and stereotypical,” he opines.

’’I don’t have a favourite film star but one of my favourite movies is Satyam Shivam Sundaram.’’Prof Byrski runs classes in Sanskrit and verse-chanting back home in Poland and one of his protegees came to India as a seven-year-old boy studied the language in Varanasi and is now a master of Sanskrit himself, teaching in Warsaw at Byrski’s School.

He sees himself as an Ambassador of India in Poland and visits as often as he can, although he lives and works in Warsaw.