Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Arc of Ambition by Champy and Nohria

This book has many factual errors. In particular, about Mahatma Gandhi, the chapter Inspire with a Greater Purpose is incorrect to say that Gandhi's fast were to bring about any change in people outside.

Instead, we should realize that Gandhi's fast were to bring himself more towards truth. What people want to infer from his actions is really their own personality. However, a person on the path of yoga is constantly trying to change themselves to bring out the change that they want to see. This is the meaning of "being the change that you want to see outside".

Gandhi was purifying himself constantly. His 21 day fast was not to "convince Hindus that the blight of untouchability should be ended" as the authors claim. Instead, it was to purify himself to be able to see his own action clearly and be that person that he wanted to population to become. That is, truthful and honest in their interpersonal relationships as Indians.

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